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Hro resolves the product characteristics of ¢ 2.5mm waterproof earphone socket.

The birth of the 2.5mm waterproof earphone socket is undoubtedly a monument in the history of earphone socket. With the continuous iterative update of electronic products, more and more choices appear in front of us, especially those audio-visual entertainment equipment and three-proof products. In order to reduce the volume of products and improve the reliability of products, R & D engineers will make choices for the volume and reliability of waterproof earphone sockets. At present, there are very few products with 2.5mm waterproof earphone socket to choose from in the industry. At this time, hro Han Rong will officially mass produce ¢ 2.5mm waterproof earphone socket in response to market demand. As soon as the news comes out, all major manufacturers hope to obtain samples and apply them to new models in the first place.
So today we will take the product characteristics of the formal mass production of ¢ 2.5mm waterproof earphone socket as an example to explain the various characteristics of the product.
We know that among many electronic products, 3.5mm sockets are usually shown in a very pure and visual image, and in some special products, we can often see some of its special applications. For example, at the same time, industrial and mining earphones or military equipment are applied to equipment with 2.5mm earphone sockets, and customers trust them with the small size and high stability of 2.5mm earphone sockets.

In order to further illustrate the characteristics of 2.5mm waterproof headphone socket products, they have the following five characteristics:
One: equipped with dual-channel, and a switch detection function;
Two: strong scalability, can be connected to a variety of functional equipment;
Three: installation form is rich, DIP and SMT can be suitable
Four: stable work, long service life; contact terminal has good elasticity;
Five: highly customized, can meet the different requirements of customers.
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