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NEW's new ultra-small monochrome and two-color light switches enter the mass production stage.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the upgrading of electronic products is getting faster and faster, and the demand for switches with lights will become larger and larger, and the requirements will become higher and higher. This is also the greatest potential direction that we are optimistic about its development prospects. Therefore, Han Rong (hro) recently launched this ultra-small light switch, which has the advantages of small size, long life, and brisk touch, making it widely used in many fields such as drones, robots, laptops, and household appliances.

Diversified products, according to customer needs to choose a variety of colors of monochrome lamp or two-color lamp combination, the materials used can reach 250 degrees of welding temperature, and provide high standards of tape packaging to facilitate customer surface mount. The ultra-small product size (6.8mm × 4.1mm, height 2.0mm) can be applied to different application fields, and the product has been praised by customers as soon as it is launched! Customers are welcome to consult online and ask for samples.

Han Rong (hro) has become more and more strict in controlling the production quality of this product. While paying attention to quantity, it guarantees good quality, and also provides good prices and after-sales services to ensure that we have excellent quality, Good service and very competitive prices to win the trust of customers! buy with light switch, choose hro han rong brand.

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