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Expand the automotive electronics market and establish a "Hanrong parts R & D center"

In order to expand the new energy automotive electronics market, strengthen in-depth cooperation with customers in the automotive industry. In September 2023, our company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongguan Kaifa Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. to enter Dongyi New Energy Automobile Industrial Park. The establishment of the "Hanrong Products R & D Center" plans to increase the number of existing R & D personnel from 3 to 10 within 2 years, and gradually increase R & D investment.


Hro hanrong website content style copyright and trademark announcement.

The following information is hereby declared and announced: the layout style design, product documents, product pictures, 3D drawing files and audio and video manuscripts of this website are all owned by our company, and no enterprise or individual is allowed to copy without the consent of our company. hro is a registered trademark of our company,


Carry forward the Chinese virtue, the company to outstanding employees elders New Year!

Respecting and loving the elderly have been the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation since ancient times, because everyone has his own childhood and a day of aging. At the same time, respecting the old and loving the young is a social responsibility. Because respecting the old and loving the young is the guarantee of family harmony and happiness. The family is the cell of human society. A harmonious family is the foundation of a harmonious society.


2022 high-tech fair officially opened, hro scene wonderful direct hit.

On November 15, the 2022 China International High-tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "High-tech Fair") was grandly opened in Shenzhen. With the theme of "Science and Technology Reform Drives Innovation, Science and Technology Innovation Drives Development", this year's Hi-Tech Fair attracted more than 5000 exhibitors from nearly 40 countries and regions.


"Epidemic prevention is not lax" health knowledge learning.

On May 25, 2020, the Company launched a "No Slack of Epidemic Prevention" health knowledge learning group activity, with the aim of promoting staff to have the awareness and ability of continuous epidemic prevention when the epidemic is not completely over, and to have a good hygiene habit after the epidemic is over.


Good news! Division I won the national high-tech enterprise certification.

Our company was awarded the national high-tech enterprise certification, and was jointly issued by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, and the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation.

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