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To overcome difficulties, hro innovates and develops a normally open and normally closed dual-function detection switch.

We are pleased to introduce the new product detection switch (normally open and normally closed dual function detection switch) released by hro Hanrong. The product is a small size, high quality, long life, long stroke, dual-function combination of new products. Through the unremitting efforts of engineers, in a limited volume space, the product has the characteristics of a normally open and normally closed dual-function free switching detection switch and a high-flatness surface mount process terminal design, which provides a good product design for customers. Good solution.


NEW's new ultra-small monochrome and two-color light switches enter the mass production stage.

Han Rong (hro) has become more and more strict in controlling the production quality of this product. While paying attention to quantity, it guarantees good quality, and also provides good prices and after-sales services to ensure that we have excellent quality, Good service and very competitive prices to win the trust of customers! buy with light switch, choose hro han rong brand.


Hro resolves the product characteristics of ¢ 2.5mm waterproof earphone socket.

The birth of the 2.5mm waterproof earphone socket is undoubtedly a monument in the history of earphone socket. With the continuous iterative update of electronic products, more and more choices appear in front of us, especially those audio-visual entertainment equipment and three-proof products. In order to reduce the volume of products and improve the reliability of products, R & D engineers will make choices for the volume and reliability of waterproof earphone sockets.


What are the particularity and structural requirements of the ultra-small tact switch?

Let's look at the external structure first. Because it is a special product of ultra-small touch switch, how to ensure its rigidity under extremely limited volume becomes a key issue. Everyone knows that the smaller the volume, the higher the precision, the more difficult it is to assemble. The plastic base injection mold of the first touch switch itself needs considerable precision. The materials of the base and contact reed are very important, which directly affect the insulation and conduction performance of the switch. In the bottom plate part, the LCP or PA material is used for injection molding. In addition, most of the shrapnel of the ultra-small touch switch uses imported stainless steel shrapnel, and its treatment process is also very strict. After being treated by electroplating silver, it can achieve very good contact performance and oxidation resistance effect.


[Tact Switch] What are the requirements for the circuit of the tact switch?

The working state of the tact switch circuit must pay attention to the temperature. The influence of temperature on the switch plays a very important role. At a reasonable and appropriate temperature, we can make our equipment work well and make our equipment more reasonable for phone applications and use. In real life, the working principle of the tact switch is very simple, but there are also some technical principles. When using this device, we should first look at how it works. Otherwise, it will not make it better high quality and use. The maximum temperature of the equipment must not exceed 40 degrees. Once it exceeds 40 degrees, it will cause serious damage and reduction. The minimum temperature must not be less than 5 degrees. Once it is below 5 degrees, there will also be serious negative effects and huge strikes, which may have a serious negative impact on our power supply and electrical equipment. Facial effect, so in real life, we must pay attention to its use temperature. It can only rationalize the temperature, it can pay attention and love, and it can be used reasonably.


Application and calculation parameters of Type-C 3.1 fast charging interface base seat.

Type-C 3.1 fast charging interface is referred to as Type-C interface, which is widely used in notebook computers, smart phones, tablets and other electronic products, most of which are used for charging, data transmission and other purposes. The Type-C 3.1 interface was developed in 2014 and was ready for mass production in August 2014. Type-C 3.1 is characterized by fast data transmission speed, double-sided pluggable, high current input and fast charging speed, so it is widely used in notebook computers, smart phones, tablets and other electronic products.

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