About HRO

HRO-Provide high-quality services and overall solutions for switch socket products to global customers

Create the world's best and most innovative products.


Hro is a professional manufacturer of switch socket products. It manufactures and develops all kinds of touch switches, key switches, detection switches, lighted switches, earphone sockets and other products for world-renowned customers every year. There are more than 30 new product research and development projects every year. It develops products that meet the requirements of customers according to the different needs of customers. Through environmental protection control of materials, it not only produces high quality products, but also does its social responsibility.

Hro certification project: in addition to complying with the current environmental protection standards and regulations (RoHS, Lead free, REACH), implement relevant management systems according to the spirit and requirements of ISO14001/ OHSAS 18000 and EICC. Through the "QC080000" certification, improve the self-management system, strict control of various environmental directives on toxic and hazardous substances restrictions.


hro won the quality. Services. Letter transcribed AAA grade enterprise title. It has also obtained 23 utility model product design patents, 8 earphone socket design patents, 7 waterproof microswitch patents, 16 waterproof TYPE-C interface patents, etc. And through the Alibaba field certification and was named gold supplier and customers as the best quality supplier of the year, the best-selling brand of the year.


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