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Our advantage

The key switch developed by  Hro has a complete range of styles (self-locking/non-locking, vertical/horizontal, patch/plug-in, etc.), a variety of specifications (5.8mm * 5.8mm, 7mm * 7mm, 8mm * 8mm, 8.5mm * 8.5mm, 13.1mm * 8.5mm, 12.3mm * 11mm, etc.), and has many advantages such as long stroke, high precision, long life, etc, has been widely used. Combination products and touch switch, audio socket, HDMI interface, card holder and other products. Welcome to the Products or contact online customer service.

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Application of key switch and audio socket

Hro switch products can be widely used in the field of audio and video products, the following is an example of our products in practical applications.

  • Projector, laser TV
  • Sound equipment, stage equipment
  • Recording equipment, mixing console
  • Home theater, car display
  • Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

Quality Control & Environmental Protection Standards

In order to ensure the quality, in the production process, the products are subject to strict reliability testing before shipment. According to the spirit and requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001 and EICC, implement relevant management systems, fulfill international standards for quality management systems, and comply with current environmental protection standards and regulations (RoHS, Lead free, REACH), and strictly control the restrictions on toxic and harmful substances in various environmental protection directives.

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